Lindner Hotels & Resorts


Lindner Hotels AG, comprised of the brands Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels, is one of the leading hotel groups in Europe. Its properties dominate the business and conference, leisure and family, and themed and boutique hotel segments. The portfolio of the family-run hotel group includes a total of 35 hotels in seven countries, together employing 1,876 staff members and generating €193 million in 2018. While the majority of the properties are city hotels, the portfolio also includes spa and sports resorts, as well as a holiday park. 

The Challenge

With two distinct brands and 35 unique properties, Lindner Hotels AG was struggling to streamline its operations while making sure it was getting the most out of each guest. NextGuest helped change the way the company approached CRM, showing how increased knowledge of hotel guests could improve the quality of their stays, all while maintaining each property's individual identity and unique offerings. 

The Results

NextGuest implemented a highly personalized CRM system, where guests receive targeted messaging and offers that correspond to their interests. Not only did this boost revenue, but it improved the guest experience and increased guest satisfaction. NextGuest was also able to boost newsletter subscriptions and loyalty program revenue significantly. 


Increase in newsletter subscriptions.


Increase in spend from loyalty members.


Increase in revenue, based on personalized offers.
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