Suggest a Feature or Product

This form is designed to allow Nexties the ability to submit product feedback. This includes new product suggestions and feature requests from clients. Important to note all feedback will be looked into and considered, however entering feedback does not guarantee feedback will be acted upon. Prior to submitting this feedback form please ensure the minimum details are included in the form, otherwise your query will not be considered. Including suggested “Extra Considerations” within your submission will give your submission added value and additional consideration.

Min Product Details:

  • Description of your product and/or product feature request.
  • If feature request, then what product does this impact?
  • How can this product/feature request benefit NextGuest and its client base?
  • What are the negative ramifications in implementing this product/feature request?

Extra Considerations:

  • Potential Revenue Implications? (How much money it would cost? What is NextGuest ROI?)
  • What teams will this effect?
  • Is there existing industry research or data available?
  • Does this product/feature already exist? If so with whom? (competitors, name of product, documentation)
  • What/How many client would be interested in this feature/new product?