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Take advantage of this special offer and use the newest technology to serve the guest along the customer journey, increase the guest experience with a high level of personalization, and drive revenue through automated guest communication.

Learn more about Transactional Campaigns, why you need it, and key benefits below. 

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Why You Need It

Today’s guests expect an outstanding, personalized experience from the moment of their very first touchpoint. At the same time, 88% of hotel guests prefer online transactions and use online booking portals to complete their reservations. The elimination of the human element during that first touchpoint makes it challenging for hotels to provide an experience that matches customers’ expectations.

Ensure an outstanding customer experience by providing your guests with personalized communication throughout the entire travel planning journey. Send fully personalized, individualized, and automated messages with a unified look and feel across all booking channels to generate brand awareness. Through the support of dynamic content, guests will automatically be shown appropriate content and promotions based on their reservation data, which will increase your up & cross-selling potential. Additionally, you have the ability to integrate 3rd party providers for payment, online check-in, upselling, weather forecasts, and surveys.

Key Benefits

Save Time & Money

  • Reservation data is automatically transformed into responsive emails based on the hotel's branding and sent to the guest
  • No need for an expensive PMS integration
  • Automation alleviates operational teams and allows them to focus on in-house guests
  • With NextGuest's Transactional Campaigns, you can save up to 10 minutes per guest - allowing you to focus on guests that are on property
  • Azure Cloud: All hardware and software costs are included in the hosting fees; you get unlimited bandwidth for emails and we ensure GDPR compliance

Engage Guests & Increase Revenue

  • Personalized & multi-language guest communication based on rate codes, reservation data & guest data to improve the guest journey — Guests who feel engaged with the brand spend on average 35-40% more per stay
  • Customize & edit content and promotions in emails without HTML knowledge and increase revenue through highlighted hotel specials
  • Measuring is knowing — With open & link tracking, you can measure and improve your future guest communications
  • Build brand loyalty and recognition through unified & CI conform and multi-channel communication across touchpoints to increase direct bookings

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