How to Choose the Right CMS Technology eBook

The Complete Guide to Selecting the Next Content Management System for Your Hotel Website

The road to a direct booking starts with a powerful website CMS technology. As the path-to-purchase for consumers becomes increasingly complicated across multiple channels and multiple devices, your hotel website must be more than a “pretty face” or read as a static brochure. The right CMS technology helps engage, retain, and acquire past and future guests. The long-term cost of choosing the wrong CMS technology is a dramatic increase in OTA dependency, higher distribution costs, lower revenues, and lower customer engagement.

A hotel website CMS is essential for: 

  • Driving revenue for need periods and occupancy demands.
  • Increasing direct bookings via enhanced merchandising capabilities, content personalization, reservation abandonment applications.
  • Engaging past and future guests throughout the complete customer lifecycle.
  • Showcasing the property product and amenities via responsive design and ability to add multiple designs and mini-sites, as well as changing design and page layout.
  • Ensuring robust SEO performance with easy implementation of meta data, schema, and more. 

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