Hotel Website Photography

It's no secret that photography is a critical component of a hotel website. In order to effectively engage website visitors throughout every phase of the travel planning journey, images need to be more than just beautiful—they also need to reflect the brand story and evoke the emotion that guests will experience during their stay.

In this whitepaper we'll cover:

  • Tips for Shooting Web Photos: When developing photography for responsive hotel websites, hoteliers also need to consider a number of technical challenges to ensure that images look great on every device. For example, being aware of how images will scale on different devices is something to consider when framing your shots.

  • Recommendations for Property Shots: In order to bring the property and brand to life on the hotel website, we recommend a variety of property shots, from exterior architectural shots to accommodation and lifestyle images.

  • Recommendations for Videos: Video of activities on and off property can help communicate the guest experience visually. We provide tips for shooting and editing videos that are optimized for the hotel website.

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