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How to Capitalize on the Full Travel Planning Journey

We all know from experience that a lot goes into planning the perfect vacation, and with so many devices and planning resources, the journey is complex. According to a leisure travel study conducted by Phocuswright, 60% of respondents reported that a vacation was their largest discretionary purchase. In light of this, before making this large investment, travelers are thoughtfully taking time to research all the possibilities. 

As travel planners encounter more digital distractions and more research happens throughout the traveler’s customer journey, being there for the most important digital micro-moments—during which preferences are shaped and decisions are made—is crucial to capturing the attention of potential guests and nurturing them through the path to a direct booking.

  • Dreaming Phase: In this phase, people are exploring destination options and ideas with no firm plans. At this stage, People are looking for inspiration.
  • Planning Phase: In this phase, people have chosen a destination. They're looking for the right dates, the right flight, the right place to stay, and things to do.
  • Booking Phase: In this phase, research is done and people are ready to book their accommodations. 
  • Experiencing Phase: In this phase, the trip is underway. Travelers are ready to live the vacation they've been dreaming about and share it with others.

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