Hospitality Digital Marketing

Using Proven Strategies to increase Direct Bookings

Our suite of comprehensive hospitality digital marketing services are proven ROI generators for our clients. By using cutting-edge and industry-leading technology, we are able to curate the ideal experience for the right customers across multiple channels and devices at the right time. 

As a full-service hotel digital marketing agency, we take a full-funnel approach to help our clients reach their best guests throughout the path to purchase. Persona-based messaging and segmentation is paired with the right marketing mix to ensure we are maximizing visibility and acquiring bookings at an effective cost of sale.


As each site has its own SEO ailments, our team leverages a combination of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies to drive optimal results and strengthen the site's organic position. SEO is not a static science, and NextGuest always stays on the cutting edge, with years of experience in successfully driving enhanced SEO for its clients.


It's important to ensure your website is accessible to all users (including SEs) on all devices. ​We take a dual approach to accomplishing this, which includes website audits and index analysis. For website audits we take a look at the information architecture, semantic mark-up, and 404 pages. While for index analysis, we look at XML site maps, robots.txt files, and 301 redirects. This two-pronged approach ensures a healthy and accessible website. 

Bridging Search Strategies

At NextGuest Digital, we have been actively managing travel and hotel SEM campaigns since 1997. As a Google Certified Premier partner, our team of 40+ Google Ads-qualified employees will keep you competitive in search and align campaigns with your hotel SEO strategy.

Keywords & Competitive Analysis

We evaluate market-level and demand-driver keywords by relevance, volume, and cost. We also assess the current landscape to identify the proper position, bid, and overall strategy to efficiently compete and ultimately conquer.


We love getting awesome organic results, but sometimes it pays to pay. Our talented team of SEM specialists know how to get the most out of your budget and ensure your hotel is showcased front and center in search engine results. 

Keyword Campaign Research

Our SEM specialists do extensive keyword research in order to identify the best search opportunities for your hotel. 

Ad Copy Development & Testing

We continually craft and test ad messaging to improve the Quality Score of ad copy, which will increase click-through rate (CTR) and lower cost-per-click (CPC).​

Geo-Targeted Local Campaigns

We dig deep into performance data to optimize campaign structure and create geo-targeted campaigns based on the highest performing feeder markets.

Keyword Bid & Position Monitoring

As the demand within a specific region rises or falls, it's necessary to make timely adjustments in order to capitalize as much as possible. Our team of dedicated SEM specialists will monitor results daily to ensure the proper bid and placement at the right time.


Metasearch platforms can seamlessly provide online travel shoppers with real-time pricing and availability throughout key touchpoints in the travel planning journey. With recent updates such as the merging of Google Hotel Ads with Google Ads and the rollout of Bing Hotel Ads, hoteliers can now hold their own against the OTAs by displaying their hotel logo and price among highly trafficked results.

Integrated Strategy

We integrate metasearch marketing seamlessly into the overall marketing mix to drive the highest returns. Our team works with hotels to easily activate, monitor, and optimize the metasearch channel along with the entire marketing budget to ensure hotels win the customer relationship and drive as much direct revenue as possible. ​

By keeping marketing spend all under one agency, we can build off of high-performing audiences, duplicate successful strategies across channels, and optimize marketing budgets holistically — switching gears when needed.​

Full Service

Unlike some other providers, we offer full-service management of the meta channel. Our team actively monitors, optimizes, and manages the metasearch channel for our clients. We provide proactive recommendations on channel distribution and budget spend.  ​

NextGuest Digital combines a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, experts, and key technical capabilities, such as:​

  • Automated bidding​
  • Machine learning capabilities​
  • Parity surveillance​
  • Click attribution​

Direct Connectivity

Our clients can easily integrate with our gateway to display their availability, rates, and inventory. We are not limited to a certain CRS or booking engine, and we do not charge an ongoing connectivity fee. Hotels can easily enable metasearch marketing using their already established DHISCO channel. No need for the hotels to go out and find another vendor for connectivity — we can work with what they already have.​

Continued Investment

Our technology combined with our targeting strategies ensures that we own the customer and win the booking. NextGuest Digital utilizes the latest technical capabilities to connect hotels’ rates, availability and inventory with metasearch engines.​

We make ongoing updates and enhancements to the gateway where we manage rates and budgets, introduce new channels such as Bing, and continually improve our processes to better service our clients.​

Paid Social

Our social media experts know how to make sure you're sending the right message to the right people on the right platform. Let us help you maximize brand awareness, create a conversation with your guests, and reach your business goals.

Behavioral Campaigns

Launch ads on top social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, leveraging behavioral and demographic targeting to generate awareness and increase website traffic.​

Retargeting Campaigns

Utilize custom audience targeting to retarget people who have visited the website as well as CRM audiences to keep the brand top of mind.​

Conversion Focused Campaigns

Launch Facebook Conversion Ads and Facebook Travel Ads to reach site visitors who are most likely to book. These ads work with the Facebook Pixel implemented on the brand website.

Creative Development

Design and build social media ad creative (Instagram Story Ads, Facebook Canvas Ads, video ads, carousel ads) that are optimized for the platform they’re being served on and adhere to industry best practices and brand guidelines.

Display Advertising

Reach your target demographics, inspire clicks, and ultimately drive conversions through NextGuests's display advertising services. We take care of everything, from designing your ad creative to determining how to get the highest ROAS based on your budget.

Smart Data Marketing

Leverage first-party travel data to reach in-market audiences that have displayed travel intent with conversion-focused banners.

Dynamic Rate Marketing

Reach consumers planning travel to the hotel’s destination with banners that display the best available rate for their exact dates of stay.

Predictive/Behavioral Campaigns

Utilize predictive/behavioral targeting and CRM data to identify the right audiences and target them with relevant banners throughout the travel planning journey.

Upper Funnel Media

Launch display campaigns on travel planning sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Time Out to build brand awareness, website traffic, and fuel the booking funnel. Utilize native ads to increase engagement with rich content, like Rosewood Conversations.

Creative Development

Design and build banner ad creative (static, HTML5, and video) leveraging the latest formats and industry best practices while adhering to brand guidelines.

Multichannel Campaigns

The consumer journey has been transformed by mobile into thousands of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. We see each of these moments as opportunities to help our clients build a connection, influence intent, and be there for every step of the travel planning journey.

Customer Persona

We work closely with our clients to determine which demographics are most important to reach. We then create customer personas that paint a full picture of the hotel's ideal guest.


After creating customer personas, we can develop tailored messaging that speaks directly to these users with engaging language that resonates with them.

Full-Funnel Marketing Mix

While reaching potential guests lower in the purchase funnel is a key strategy to winning the direct booking, not being there to influence and shape decisions made earlier in the travel planning journey is a serious missed opportunity that results in lost bookings. Let us balance your marketing mix so that your brand is present in all four stages of the travel planning journey: dreaming, planning, booking, and experiencing.

We're here to help.