Content Marketing

Let Your Hotel Do the Talking

Is your current website in need of a content makeover? Freshen it up with NextGuest Digital’s team of content marketing specialists. 

By publishing creative and value-rich content, we're able to help hoteliers develop a deeper level of engagement between their brand and the everyday travel consumer. Our unique content is able to address goals such as driving revenue, building brand awareness, and increasing social media following. 

Good content marketing can also help boost overall hotel SEO efforts. The fresh and relevant content created will generate social shares and inbound links, which can significantly improve search engine rankings. When used in a multi-channel campaign, content marketing for hotels can help drive bookings by reaching consumers throughout the purchase funnel.

Email Marketing

Together with our clients, we send award-winning emails and create successful campaigns that address a property’s marketing goals. Email marketing has become such an essential part of generating bookings for hotels. We help our clients create effective campaigns by taking care of every step of development, from designing templates to segmenting your audience. 

Award-Winning Design

We design responsive, award-winning email templates that not only embody the personality of your brand, but encourage users to convert.

Animated Visuals

We incorporate animated visuals into our designs to grab attention and set your sends apart from the rest of your audience's inbox.

A/B Testing

We systematically A/B test various elements of our emails to make sure we're constantly creating the most effective subject lines, pre-headers, headers, blurbs, and CTAs.


These days, we consume an enormous amount of content, and users constantly want more. If you're not providing a steady stream of inspirational, informative content, users will go elsewhere and potentially be persuaded to book with another property. That's where blogs come in.

Generate Traffic

Through in-depth keyword research, we identify what users are searching  for in relation to your destination. We then craft content that speaks to users' interests while gently guiding them in the direction of your property.

Establish Brand Authority

You know your destination and how it's best enjoyed — but many of your potential guests don't know that. Use blogs to publish content that establishes your brand as an authority on the area and a gateway to the destination.

Keep Them Coming Back

Perhaps most importantly, a steady stream of fresh content gives users a reason to come back to your site — and in turn a reason to come back to your property. 

Organic Social

Social media has quickly changed from a nice-to-have to an absolute necessity for virtually all brands. NextGuest's organic social services allow you to craft a presence on the most popular platforms to raise brand awareness, foster guest relationships, plus drive traffic to your website — and your property.

Content Creation

NextGuests's team of content creators combine your property's creative assets, user-generated content, sourced imagery, and effective copy to develop content that embodies your brand's personality and speaks to your target user.


Our Content team uses the latest scheduling platforms to stay up to date on changes to the social media landscape and make sure we're posting with optimal frequency based on research and analytics.


Our team provides clients with straightforward, in-depth reporting that translates performance data into actionable insights.

We're here to help.