Contactless Menus

FleXi (Flexible Inventory) Contactless Menu is a platform that enables restaurants and bars to provide contactless menus that guests can access on their phones. Now patrons can access a restaurant or bar’s menu without having to touch a physical menu that could carry germs, putting their mind at ease. 

Flexi Contactless Menus are easy for consumers to access in two simple ways:  
‒ Text a keyword such as “MENU” to a SMS phone number  
‒ Scan a QR code with their phone 

The Flexi Contactless Menu platform also benefits restauranteurs allowing them to leverage the platform to seamlessly update menus across multiple touchpoints and create business rules that update menu offerings and pricing in real time. 

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Features & Benefits

Not only will Flexi Contactless Menus keep patrons safe, our technology empowers venues to seamlessly update menus across multiple platforms (the website, room service, etc) and set up dynamic business rules that can automatically adjust pricing based on time of day, amount of food inventory, and more. The FleXi Contactless Menu platform also enables hoteliers and restauranteurs to serve personalized menus for groups, celebrations, wedding parties, and even dietary restrictions. 


‒ Fully-responsive
‒ Dynamic pricing
‒ Integrates with NXG CMS and website
‒ Communication via email and SMS
‒ Branded menu theme
‒ Multi-lingual
‒ Multi-currency
‒ Real-time data and reporting
‒ PCI compliant

Seamlessly Update Menus

Use FleXi to update your menu across platforms such as the website and in-room in real-time and keep inventory of your food and beverages to automatically remove an item from your menu when it is no longer available.  

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing Based on Time of Day
Set up business rules to automatically update your menu based on the time of day. For example, your menu can feature lower prices during happy hour or late-night, and higher pricing during high-traffic hours. 

Dynamic Pricing Based on Demand
Set up business rules to adjust your menu pricing in real-time based on demand. For example, FleXi can dynamically increase the price of an item that is in high demand with low inventory or lower prices for items that have high inventory and limited time remaining for optimal freshness. 

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

Our platform supports multiple languages and currencies for a seamless experience for international patrons who need to view menus in their native language.