Transactional Emails

Guest communication throughout the customer journey

Born out of a need to stand out and better reach customers, our transactional email services effectively cut through the noise of the everyday sea of emails and alerts. With the ability to support any number of special rules, our guest communications email system requires no interface and is fully automated out of the PMS/CRS. Offering multilingual support, the Guest Communication platform cuts down on manual work while promoting cross- and up-selling, as well as loyalty and social media engagement.

With our transactional email services, you'll be able to:

  • Personalize communications from the moment a guest books 
  • Start the guest experience off on the right foot, prior to arrival 
  • Alleviate operational teams and allow them to focus on in-house guests 
  • Increase up- and cross-sell capabilities
  • Save time and money 
  • Uniform and CI conform multichannel communication

More information about our products that offer transactional email communication

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How It Works

  • Automizing emails for confirmation, cancellation, pre-arrival, in-stay, and post-stay touchpoints allows opportunities for personalization and upselling 
  • Drip campaigns allow the property to engage guests throughout the path to purchase, on-property, and post-stay.  
  • Guest profiles and survey reports provide hoteliers with data to measure feedback.

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