CRM Suite Add-Ons

NextGuest's CRM Suite is a powerful tool, and one of its biggest advantages is its ability to adapt to suit your hotel's specific needs. Through our CRM Suite add-ons, you can extend your CRM application with more functionalities, allowing you to get more out of your CRM investment. 

Newsletter & Loyalty Portal

A loyalty program recognizes your best guests (repeat and frequent guests, guests with high RFM value, etc.) on-property, on your website, and via marketing automation. The program can be based on perks, upgrades, or rewards.

Powered by the award-winning NextGuest Content Management System, the Loyalty Portal allows members to log in or sign up for the program, view personalized promotions and perks, check their loyalty status, update their preferences, see past stay history and upcoming stays, and see how far away they are from their next perk or reward.

Continuous Enrichment

By providing guests with a reason to keep returning to your website —and interacting with it — you can keep collecting data and continuously enrich customer profiles, allowing you to serve those guests better.

Flexible Functionality

The Loyalty Portal is built to adapt to your needs. It can function as either part of an existing website, be displayed on a subdomain, or operate as a standalone site.

Personalized Branding

The Loyalty Portal is an extension of your hotel, and as such, it can be personalized to fit the look and feel of your brand.

BI & Decision Maker

NextGuest CRM's Business Intelligence and Decision Maker tools analyze issues, identify root causes, and take action to increase conversion rates. Enjoy a 360-degree, company-wide view of productivity and other KPIs, as well as in-depth reporting to help you monitor and steer your business.

KPIs & Strategy

Use the guest dashboards to intuitively create campaign segmentations and keep track of strategic KPIs.

Decision Making

Understand trends and their root causes by analyzing dashboards and drilling down into the data. 

Campaign Execution

Run micro-segmented hyper-personalized campaigns without breaking the process workflow. 

Intent Triggered Marketing

NextGuest CRM uses historic guest information combined with real-time intent data to personalize the digital experience. By tracking and scoring users' interests and intentions, hoteliers can tailor the messaging, content, and offers on the website.


When a user visits the website and navigates through various pages, the system begins to collect data and score the user. Depending on the expressed intent and engagement with certain content pieces, the user's profile is enriched with valuable, actionable information.

Newsletter Signup

Based on interest level and intent, the visitors will get a personalized pop-up inviting them to subscribe to a relevant newsletter. 


Based on real-time intent scoring and historic CRM data, we are able to provide hyper-personalized web content, marketing, and promotions.

B2B Sales

NextGuest B2B Sales Automation Module is the ideal application for sales representatives, sales offices, and departments within the hospitality industry. Easily distribute rates, accounts, and contracts throughout your connected sites and to all your sales personnel, providing extra support for your team and increasing productivity.

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Corporate Sales Support

The B2B Sales Automation Module offers the complete set of functions required for operating all areas of your sales processes, including tracking and reporting.

PMS Data

Pull data from your PMS and use it to inform your sales team and support them in customer negotiations. 

Guest Recognition / Loyalty

Create your own loyalty program and reward your guests with perks, free nights, or other benefits to ensure that they become loyal returning guests.

Earn & Redeem Points

NextGuest offers a seamlessly integrated solution where guests are earning points through your NextGuest CRM loyalty program and can redeem these through the NextGuest Member Portal.

Increase Data Quality

Increase the quality of your CRM data by allowing guests to update their own personal information and preferences through the NextGuest Member Portal.

Stronger Guest Loyalty

Build a stronger connection to your guests with content personalization and a tailored experience through the NextGuest Member Portal.

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