CRM Suite

With the NextGuest CRM Suite, your guest data — one of your hotel’s most precious assets — is put to good use to engage guests before, during, and after their stay, allowing you to fuel loyalty throughout the customer lifetime journey and to acquire new “best” guests. Own the conversation with the customer from the moment the booking is made, nurture the experience with marketing automation, and retain your best guests by showing them how much you value their business.

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Extend your CRM platform with a range of add-ons to generate more value for you and your guests

Transactional Campaigns

Our transactional email capabilities were born out of a need for hotels to reach customers through a sea of emails and alerts. With the ability to accommodate any number of special rules, our guest communications email system requires no interface and is fully automated out of the PMS/CRS. Offering multilingual support, the GCM reduces manual work while promoting upselling and cross-selling, loyalty, and social media engagement.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Guests who feel engaged with the brand spend 35-40% more on average per stay. Capitalize on your upcoming guests by sending personalized and multi-language transactional campaigns based on rate codes, reservation data, and guest data

Responsive & Multi-Channel Templates

  • Offer emails
  • Confirmation and modification emails
  • Cancellation emails
  • Pre-arrival emails
  • In-stay emails
  • Post-stay emails
  • And more

Save Time

By using automated technology, NextGuest CRM’s transactional campaigns are automatically personalized based on data. Manual updates are also quickly accomplished through the easy-to-use platform, which allows for unlimited changes. 

Cohesive Messaging

No matter where a booking comes from, all guests will be sent transactional campaigns before, during, and after their stay.

Real-Time Marketing Campaigns

Take one-on-one communication to a deeply personalized level in order to engage new and existing customers. Create tailored content based on stay history, lifetime value, reward program affiliation, geotargeting, and other parameters, and present them with targeted offers precisely when they're ready to book in order to maximize revenue.

Advanced Marketing Automation

Create smart lists to target past guests via automated and ad-hoc occupancy-needs email marketing campaigns. Our marketing automation allows you to initiate or schedule targeted and highly personalized email marketing campaigns and “drip” campaigns to smart customer lists by RFM value (recency, frequency, and monetary), preferences, and booking/stay history. These one-to-one personalized email messages create a better user experience, drive higher conversions, and encourage more frequent stays – all while building meaningful relationships.


Emails are personalized based on the data collected about each user. When a user visits the website and navigates through various pages, the system begins to collect data and score the user. Depending on the expressed intent and engagement with certain content pieces, the user is sent personalized communications and offers in real time.


With NextGuest CRM and the optional real-time intent-triggered personalization, you can deliver a truly personalized experience for your guests and website visitors. By tracking and scoring website visitors' interests and intentions, you'll be able to tailor the messaging, content, and offers on the website and in the booking engine in real-time.


The idea of intent can seem simple, but depending on the logic built, it can make your CRM strategy powerful and turn your emails into revenue. For example, if a user comes to the homepage and then navigates to a New York property, the user is scored as being interested in New York. Then, if the user visits the rooms page, looks at suites, and reviews the spa packages, an email can be sent highlighting a spa offer and the suite amenities.


  • Birthday greetings
  • Vacation reminders
  • Reservation reminders
  • Weekend boosters
  • New Year's greetings
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • And more

Data Management Platform

The amount of data available to hoteliers is enormous, and the Guest Data Management Platform provides a clear look into who is staying at your hotel and how to best speak to them. The DMP cleanses existing guest data and enriches the resulting high-quality profiles with additional information, resulting in a new CRM profile for each guest.

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Guest Profile

The Guest Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a correct and deduped view of each guest, including detailed booking/stay history, lifetime value (RFM), preferences and interests, survey and feedback history, marketing campaign history, and demographics.

Data Sources

Data that drives our Guest Recognition Manager is sourced from the PMS, CRS, historical guest surveys, third-party sources, guest-facing portals, and email sign-up/opt-in forms. With our two-way PMS interfaces, we can also send this critical information back to the PMS for on-property, operational use.


The DMP provides robust insights into your guests' personal preferences, communication methods, stay history, and more, giving you unprecedented control over the information at your fingertips. This enables you to truly prepare for and prioritize guest arrivals, “surprise and delight” both first-time and repeat guests, and reward guest loyalty.

CRM Profile

Efficient and effective marketing campaigns can only come from a holistic view of the landscape. NextGuest CRM 360° Guest Profile View helps hoteliers thoroughly understand their guests, with profound implications for the entire organization.

How It Works

  • NextGuest creates a "Golden Profile" based on PMS profiles and stay data 
  • The CRM profiles are processed and enriched 
  • Lookalike modeling is used for guest acquisition

Why You Need It

  • Get a better understanding of your guests
  • Use CRM profiles as the foundation for guest interaction and marketing
  • Give your guests the best possible experience through personalization
  • Avoid asking “have you stayed with us before?” by using the PMS look-up dashboard
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising, allowing guests to easily share their stories


The Reporting Module is an integrated part of the CRM Suite and provides flexible MS Excel-based reporting across all CRM modules for your system. Based on your configuration, you can have up to 100 predefined reports that allow you to further understand your business and operations.


Each report includes a number of parameters that allow you to tailor how you shape the report and its result.


Reports are downloadable as Microsoft Excel documents for easy consumption and distribution to other people within your organization.


Should the existing reports not cover your needs, NextGuest is able to tailor or create custom reports to ensure that all your needs are covered.

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