Hoteliers can save a remarkable amount of money by retaining existing customers rather than pursuing new ones — six times as much, in fact. That's where a guest recognition program to reward your guests comes in. With the Member Portal members can log in to review their status (e.g., Gold, Silver, etc.), and the hotel can offer perks, upgrades, or rewards to effectively draw visitors away from online travel agents and toward direct bookings.

The key to success is recognizing your property’s best guests (repeat and frequent guests, guests with high RFM value, guests with long stays, etc.) and rewarding them for continuing to book. By using our guest recognition tools to identify preferences and booking/stay history, you can then better engage, retain, and convert those members with targeted marketing campaigns. 

Guest Recognition

Create your own loyalty program and reward your guests with perks, free nights, or other benefits to ensure that they become loyal returning guests.

Earn & Redeem Points

The Guest Recognition module is the logic behind the loyalty program helping you to set the rules in place when and how to recognize and reward guests.

Member Portal

Powered by the award-winning NextGuest Content Management System, the Member Portal allows loyalty members to log in or sign up for the program, view personalized promotions and perks, check their loyalty status, update their preferences, see past stay history and upcoming stays, and see how far away they are from their next perk or reward.

Continuous Enrichment

By providing guests with a reason to keep returning to your website —and interacting with it — you can keep collecting data and continuously enrich customer profiles, allowing you to serve those guests better.

Flexible Functionality

The Member Portal is built to adapt to your needs. It can function as either part of an existing website, be displayed on a subdomain, or operate as a standalone site.

Personalized Branding

The Member Portal is an extension of your hotel, and as such, it can be personalized to fit the look and feel of your brand.

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