Real-Time Personalization

Intent-Triggered Guest Communications

Research shows that nothing frustrates the modern customer more than a lack of personalization. In fact, 70% of customers wish they were offered more options for personalization, and 80% would be more likely to make a purchase if provided with a more personalized experience. Even further, 44% of users are more likely to become a returning customer after a relevant personalized experience. NextGuest CRM takes historic guest information and real-time intent data to inform and customize the digital experience. By tracking and scoring users' interests and intentions, hoteliers can better tailor the messaging, content, and offers on the website.

With real-time personalization, our clients are better equipped to acquire new guests by identifying new website visitors that show a higher interest in the hotel and its offerings. From there, we can prompt those users with personalized newsletter invites — an approach that we've seen increase newsletter signups by more than 600%. After signing up, profiles are created for these new users and are enriched with the interests and intent information gathered from the website, as well as the historical data points already stored in the NextGuest CRM. Using this method, we are able to paint a more targeted, relevant, and dynamic picture of the guest journey that ultimately drives results and builds long-term loyalty.

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