Business Intelligence

NextGuest Business Intelligence tool allows you to understand guests like never before, maximize marketing results, and drive revenue. Take advantage of a 360-degree, company-wide view of productivity and other KPIs, as well as in-depth reporting to help you monitor and steer your business.

With the Decision Maker, NextGuest CRM can combine business intelligence with campaign management. This allows different user groups — such as owners, management, operations, and marketing — to view the same data from different perspectives, providing the most accurate picture of hotel operations in order to identify potential problems. Other dashboards within the platform give experts from operations and marketing teams the ability to drill down to the root cause of any problem. Based on these insights, hoteliers can create marketing campaigns that use micro-segmentation to mitigate the problem without changing tools or breaking the workflow.

Decision Maker

The Decision Maker is the industry’s first solution that seamlessly combines analytics with campaign management and provides an intuitive visual representation of all relevant metrics hoteliers may need through easy-to-use dashboards. Analyze issues, identify root causes, and take action to increase conversion rates. 


Within the Decision Maker, there is a KPI dashboard that gives high-level insights into hotel performance including revenue, OTA share, loyalty contribution, and other key metrics and trends important to your business. KPI metrics and data trends will help you identify any issues that need your attention.


Use the revenue, campaign, loyalty or guest dashboards to drill down into the data, uncover trends, and identify the root cause of the problem.

Audience Building/Campaign Segmentation

Take action to mitigate the problem by creating an ad-hoc marketing campaign targeting specific guest segments that can help you to address the identified issue.

Campaign Execution

Run micro-segmented, hyper-personalized campaigns targeting the guest segmentation defined without breaking the process workflow. 

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