October 1, 2020

Utilizing CRM in a COVID-19 Environment

By Mikael Fries, Vice President, Sales Excellence

Normality feels so distant as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives in so many ways and has left the hospitality industry in a very challenging situation. Due to COVID-19, there have been travel bans, lockdowns, and guests having to adjust or cancel their vacation plans due to the travel restrictions or financial reasons. While we are doing all we can to move towards normality, we realize that recovery may take longer and pose more challenges than what many of us originally expected.

As COVID-19 may become less of a threat in some regions, it is expected that travel will pick up in these regions. This means that your reservations may come from very specific regions to begin with, and you may have to focus on either local guests or guests from regions where travel bans are lifted and guests feel safe enough to travel. As a hotelier you will have to constantly re-focus your marketing activities to different regions and countries depending on the current situation, but also focus even more on providing the best possible service to your guests in order to turn them into brand ambassadors that will spread the word about your hotels.

Throughout the guest journey, guest communication with highly personalized offers plays an important role to ensure that people who can travel choose your hotels, allowing you to maximize the revenue from each individual guest.

NextGuest’s unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is the central hub where you can collect guest information from various sources including contact information, preferences, interests, and any data associated with the guest’s previous stays. Equipped with rich profile data, you can easily target past or potential guests with offers tailored to their interests, past booking behaviors, preferences, and most importantly, their ability to travel to your destinations. NextGuest CRM assists you in targeting your preferred audience using virtually any channel, including emails, your website, and social media.

By focusing on reaching the right audience and delivering the right messaging, you will achieve higher conversion rates from your campaigns and be able to maximize revenue from your guests. NextGuest CRM includes a large library of pre-built best practices campaign templates and a campaign wizard that simplifies the creation of your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to focus more on guests that are on property.

Once a guest has booked a room, you can utilize NextGuest CRM to drive upsells through pre-arrival or in-stay emails, where you can promote services or upgrades not included in the original booking. NextGuest CRM also allows you to do deep analysis of your operations, identify the guest segments you should focus on, and identify potential problems to help you increase direct bookings, ADR, and other important KPIs.

Finally, you can report on the success of your campaigns and identify how many bookings you have received through a specific campaign, how much revenue it generated, and which campaigns or messaging works best to attract your guests.

COVID-19 is unlike anything else the hospitality industry has ever experienced and while the road to recovery will be challenging, NextGuest CRM can help you recover quicker and come out stronger by helping you focus on the right guests, run effective campaigns with the right messaging, and automate marketing, which will ultimately allow you to focus on your guests during their stay.

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