August 5, 2020

Product Spotlight: FleXi

The Problem:

Ancillary revenues are an important part of the hotel industry and according to Skift, it represents a $4B opportunity for hotels. However, hotels have traditionally had to rely on manual tracking for ancillary sales such as cabana rentals, meeting space, and wine tastings. In many cases, hoteliers have utilized multiple, disjointed systems that made it difficult to efficiently manage all of the property’s ancillary offerings.

The Solution:

FleXi (Flexible Inventory) is a powerful inventory platform that enables hoteliers to seamlessly manage and merchandize unique inventory in real time. Essentially any inventory that can be sold in increments of time, can be sold on FleXi. In addition to tracking all inventory in one place, hoteliers can adjust pricing and rates based on demand, monitor incremental revenue, and communicate with guests directly. Guests can also book these experiences through the hotel website where they can view up-to-date availability and pricing.

Using cabana rentals as an example, with FleXi hoteliers can allow guests or locals to book a cabana in hourly increments. To upsell this amenity, the hotel can send guests a pre-arrival email inviting them to reserve a cabana for their stay. During the cabana booking process, FleXi can allow guests to purchase add-ons for their cabana reservation such as drink service or snack service. Finally, when the cabana is ready for the reservation, hoteliers can use FleXi to send an SMS message to the guest alerting them that their cabana is ready.

Also using FleXi, hoteliers and restauranteurs can create and manage contactless menus, and update menu offerings and pricing in real time. With this feature, guests can access room service menus as well as restaurant and bar menus from their phones.

The Guest:

Since FleXi is used to manage and sell ancillary offerings, the guest has either booked a room and is now planning the details of their trip, a guest who is already on property, or a local/visitor who is interested in the hotel restaurant, spa, event space, or other amenities and experiences.

While guests can use FleXi to purchase products and services, call centers can also use FleXi to book products and services on behalf of a guest.

The Benefits:

  • Maximize ancillary revenues from on-site amenities: By allowing hotels to efficiently monetize and merchandize their unique inventory, they can sell more and improve their bottom line through incremental revenue.
  • Streamline operations: A user-friendly system, FleXi allows hoteliers to easily create multiple stores where assigned users can manage the inventory and adjust rates based on seasonality and demand. It can also be integrated with other systems such as CRM and PMS so they can streamline guest communications and easily update their folio.
  • Integration with the hotel’s loyalty program: FleXi can be integrated with a hotel’s loyalty program to help upsell existing reservations. Additionally, this allows hoteliers to continue to build guest profiles for future personalization and targeted marketing.

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