January 28, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Mikael Fries, Vice President Sales Excellence

Every month, we turn the spotlight on one of the team members responsible for bringing our industry-leading products and services to life. This month, meet Mikael Fries, Vice President Sales Excellence at NextGuest.

What’s your role at NextGuest, and what are some of your responsibilities?

As Vice President Sales Excellence, I make sure that our sales team has everything they need in order to be successful throughout the whole sales process. This can be everything from discussing opportunities, providing them with sales collateral, technical presentation support or demos for our customers. Because of my role, I am involved in every CRM opportunity, one way or the other. In addition, I also write blog posts and articles, and create videos along with other marketing and sales materials.

What did you do before working at NextGuest?

I started my career in sales, selling mobile phones and computers, then moved on to consulting and project management, technical sales, as well as product management. My last role before NextGuest was at Oracle, where I was Product Management Director responsible for all test automation solutions worldwide.

What’s your favorite thing about your role?

I have always enjoyed interacting with customers and trying to find a solution to their challenges and problems, so meeting customers in person or online and discussing what we can do for them is my favorite part.

What’s your favorite destination you’ve traveled to and why?

There are so many great destinations, but if I must choose one, it would be California. I have spent quite a lot of time there in the past due to previous jobs and in 2018, I spent 4 weeks with my wife and kids in Los Angeles and San Diego. It was a fantastic trip. My kids are all teenagers so they could really enjoy everything and experience the US west coast.

What’s an essential item you can’t travel without?

Apart from my passport, I always try to have a camera with me. It can be a more advanced system camera or something as simple as my smartphone, but I try to always have something with me that I can use to take some photos.

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