October 11, 2019

Watch Now: How to Capitalize on the Journey to Increase Direct Bookings

We all know from experience that a lot goes into planning the perfect vacation, and with so many devices and planning resources, the journey is complex.

In our latest webinar with Sojern, we discuss strategies for reaching potential guests throughout the entire travel planning journey and address key digital moments in each phase that shape and influence the booking decision.

Speakers include Amy Devlaliwalla, Senior Director of Global Partnerships and Strategic Accounts at Sojern, and Margaret Mastrogiacomo, Executive Vice President of Strategy at NextGuest.

Click here to watch the webinar.



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About NextGuest:

NextGuest provides hoteliers with everything they need to thrive in the digital world, with bespoke technology solutions developed to meet the needs of luxury hotel clients coupled with elegant design capabilities that bring brands to life. We marry the power of data with brand discovery to uncover unique strategies that apply to everything from website design, content marketing, CRM, and more, helping the world’s top hotel brands maximize ROI as they acquire, convert, and retain guests throughout the travel planning journey. While each of our services is available on its own, the integrated technologies, marketing, and consulting offerings work together to increase digital engagement and generate revenue for hoteliers, allowing them to focus on what matters most — serving their guests.

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