Five Tips for Cyber Monday Success

Over the years, Cyber Monday has become a huge opportunity for hotels to drive bookings. What started as a one-day online shopping holiday that followed Black Friday, has no extended to weeks before Thanksgiving or even some sales lasting the entire month of November. As a result, consumers aren’t just searching for deals earlier, they’re making more purchases over a longer period of time. In 2018 Cyber Monday sales hit $7.9 billion, a 19.3% increase from the following year (Adobe). While businesses are making more, consumers are also planning to spend more. This year, the average consumer plans to spend $431 on Cyber Monday. 

While many deal-seekers are looking for the typical electronic and home goods deal, each year more and more people are searching for travel deals on Cyber Monday. This presents an opportunity for hoteliers to get in on the action and take their share of the online traffic and spending this day brings. Read below for five tips to ensure that your hotel’s Cyber Monday campaign is successful on this highly competitive day. 

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