What We Do

Passion for Hospitality

NextGuest provides hoteliers with everything they need to thrive in the digital world, with bespoke technology solutions developed to meet the needs of luxury hotel clients coupled with elegant design capabilities that bring brands to life. We marry the power of data with brand discovery to uncover unique strategies that apply to everything from website design, content marketing, CRM, and more, helping the world’s top hotel brands maximize ROI as they acquire, convert, and retain guests throughout the travel planning journey. While each of our services is available on its own, the integrated technologies, marketing, and consulting offerings work together to increase digital engagement and generate revenue for hoteliers, allowing them to focus on what matters most — serving their guests.

Our Mission

To help hoteliers generate revenue through digital engagement by providing integrated technology, marketing, and consulting, allowing them to focus on what matters most — serving their guests.

Who We Work With

Multi-Property Brands

Managing a multi-property brand is a lot of work — and these days, overseeing the online presence is just as difficult as managing the properties themselves. With so much traffic comes an overwhelming amount of data that not only needs to be collected, but translated and turned into effective insights. Working with renowned multi-property brands, including Viceroy and Virgin Hotels, NextGuest knows how to keep track of all the moving parts. From loyalty portals to brand-wide marketing campaigns, we’ll help you elevate your digital presence.

Management Companies

Management companies face a difficult problem, trying to streamline operations across properties while ensuring that each one keeps its own identity and branding. Having worked with some of the most respected management companies in the industry, NextGuest has been there and done it all before. From designing unique websites for each of your properties to creating bespoke tech solutions to fit your CRM needs, we’re the right partner for managing any part of your digital business.

Independent Hotels

Developing a strong online presence as an independent property can feel like an insurmountable task. Not only do you need the design skills to create your brand, but you need the technical know-how to compete with the OTAs. That’s where NextGuest comes in — we’ve helped many independent hotels take back the direct online booking through cutting-edge web design, seamless CRM technology, and industry-leading marketing.

Consultants & Asset Managers

NextGuest has a history of working with consultants and asset managers, providing them with the services they need to serve their properties. Whether it’s marketing campaigns to boost revenue or custom tech solutions to solve unique problems, NextGuest’s talented specialists are ready to tackle any job.

Passion for Hospitality

Our Values

We are passionate about the hotel experience and providing solutions to hoteliers’ business needs.


Our Values

We deliver industry-leading technology and initiatives that exceed expectations through collaboration, innovative ideas, and industry education.


Our Values

We push ourselves to reimagine hotel marketing and the tools we use in order to develop the next generation of hospitality technology and industry-wide best practices.


Our Values

We’ve built our business around providing quality services, respecting our partners, and being transparent in everything we do.


Our Values

We share a mutual respect with our colleagues and partners because we’re all doing what we love.

We’re here to help.